Track Listing:

01. Looking For A Dream  
02. Unbelievable  
03. America (Feat Pitbull)  
04. Pajama Pants (Feat Future And Migos)  
05. Dancefloor (Feat Ryan Bowers And Kehlani)
06. OJ (Feat Polow Da Don And Amba Shepherd)  
07. Phucking Awesome   
08. Birthday Interlude   
09. Fuck Yo Birthday (Feat DJ Class And Fatman Scoop)  
10. Stadium  
11. Pete’s Interlude  
12. Me Sexy  
13. White Lady  
14. Feel The Music (Feat Colette Carr)
15. So Turnt Up
16. Fuck Nick Cannon  
17. Famous (Feat Akon)

Artist: Nick Cannon
Album: White People Party Music
Format: Mp3
Genre: Hip-Hop / Pop
Tracks: 17
Size: 109.3 MB
Quality: 256kbps / 44khz / Stereo
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